Serious business: Can animated video work in real estate?

It’s a known fact that videos improve visibility, boost your SEO rankings and most importantly, get your message to customers and prospects. The question is, how effective are they? The bitter truth is, not many are.

The reason is partly attributable to the plethora of homemade videos that are being published daily and lack creativity and quality and in so many of them.

Businesses use traditional video to promote their offerings and these are dime a dozen on YouTube and Vimeo.

A well planned out video production with good creative content can cost you a bit too.

I have nothing against traditional videos, it’s just that if you are doing one, make sure it looks good, has a good message, communicated in a creative manner and done to reflect the level of quality your business is known for.

My advice is, hire an experienced professional, even if you pay more. It’s your image!

No actors, no costly transport, location and equipment charges. Just a well thought out concept and storyboard given to an animator, and he gets it done in consultation with you, adds music and SFX and voilà! You have your video in less than 2 weeks!

Animation videos can have a certain degree of humour and can bring in that “cool quotient” to a product or offering.

Consider wanting to showcase to your clients what to look for when leasing out a property; a 2D or 3D animation video can easily show these aspects creatively via a walk-through of the process as well as drawing attention to important clauses in a lease agreement.

Consider HOMEZen.

(NOTE that this particular video reflects an American disrupter to the real estate industry, but you could use animated video to combat their argument that DIY real estate is a good idea)

Let’s say you have developed a never-done-before, unique offering or service that caters to the needs your rental and sales clients and it takes time to explain – not because it’s complex – but it is a new concept.

2D animated videos have proven themselves time and with cool explainer videos that can be positioned on your website, social media, trade shows, presentations or even mailed out prospective clients.

Watch Smart House

Then there are infographic videos.

A professionally done infographic can not only be informative, but can also position you as an industry expert in the crowded market place.

Many consider infographic videos easier to do, but as always a professional animator can make a big difference in showcasing originality and professionalism of your enterprise.

Consider CBRE, a global giant in Real Estate

A common misconception is that animated videos are expensive to do.

This is not true.

Yes, they cost more than homemade videos, but remember that there’s a price you need to pay for creativity and quality. But it certainly doesn’t have to cost you a limb.

Lastly, consider how animated videos are able to effectively transcend age, race and nationality.

Because they do not have real human actors, they can appeal to everyone, which is exceedingly important in an increasingly global marketplace.

Animated videos are also suitable to almost any venue and so whether it’s YouTube, your website, Facebook, a meeting, presentation or even a tradeshow, your animated video is suitable for use.

This means major long-term savings as you won’t need to create content for different channels separately.


Meet Reyaz Jeffrey
Creative Kiwi

REYAZ JEFFREY.CREATIVE KIWIReyaz heads Creative Kiwi, a specialised digital animation studio and digital agency based in Sydney. Their repertoire includes 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, infographics which can be widely suited for explainer videos, commercials, company profiles and commercials.

He is an accomplished marketing and sales strategy specialist with experience in life insurance, banking and professional education.

He can be contacted on 0420 307 144 or



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