Social media advertising


Social media advertising is the intelligent use of social media platforms (like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn) to intentionally target your prospects with a view to them taking a specific action.

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Why use social media advertising in your real estate business?

We’re living in an age where just about everyone is on social media… all the time.

In fact, look around you next time you’re out in public. Take note of how many people are looking at their phones? I bet a quick survey would discover most of them are on some sort of social media platform.

When it comes to Facebook, 16-million Australians have an account.

With Australia’s entire population sitting at 24.4 million, this means that 66.6% of ALL Australians are on Facebook.

Consider the elderly and those under 13 years old that don’t use Facebook, and you can rest assured that just about every Australian adult is right there.

Your target market is on Facebook.

So, you’re looking for a way to make sure you’re genuinely reaching your target market in a cost effective and efficient way?

You’ve found it.

Did you know?

Different platforms have different audiences? For example, while just about every Australian adult is on Facebook, Instagram has higher engagement from Millennials (18–32).