Marketing strategy


A marketing strategy is a written document that helps you define your business offering, brand position, objectives and goals, target market, customers and competition.

Within your marketing strategy you will also outline your marketing tactics. These are the specific steps you will take to achieve your strategic objectives that you outlined in your strategy. If you have a sales objective, you may then also have a digital advertising tactic (Facebook ads) etc.

Marketing strategy for real estate agents
What is the purpose of a marketing strategy for real estate agents?

The purpose of having a marketing strategy is so that you can focus your resources on your strategic objectives and grow your business. The strategy gives you a controlled process to manage your marketing and a method for scoring your success.

Why does a real estate agent need a digital marketing strategy?

Vendu specialises in marketing strategy, with a digital focus bringing together your web, social media, content marketing and email campaigns to create an integrated marketing approach.