Marketing automation


Marketing automation is a digital workflow that automates particular parts of your marketing. It usually relates to emails that are sent to your readers after they’ve taken a particular action on your website for example. 

Your automation’s are setup in a way that complement your prospect’s situation and actions. The goal is to simulate real life human interaction, stay personalised and provide customised content that creates a great customer experience.

Marketing automation for real estate agents
Did you know?

Marketing automation allows you to run an ‘if-this-then-that’ marketing campaign. If the prospect clicks this, then send them that. If they do this other thing, then send then this other email. Make sense? 

Why does a real estate agent need marketing automation?

Marketing automation allows you progress your prospect through your sales funnel and convert them from a lead to a listing with much less energy expenditure than if you had to do it manually.
The automation allows you to get your content in front of prospects, and helps you to build trust and credibility. It also allows you to market to your prospects while you are selling or sleeping or doing something much more interesting than working.