Landing pages


Landing pages are stand alone web pages.

They are purposely built for lead capture and lead capture alone.

The intent of the landing pages is to capture the prospect’s information through a form by providing them with something valuable in exchange.

Landing pages are highly targeted and host your lead magnet or tripwire offer, for the sole purpose of nurturing a prospect through your sales funnel.

Why does a real estate agent need a landing page
Did you know?

Any page on the web is a web page but not all web pages are landing pages.

Why does a real estate agent need a landing page?

Real estate agents need a landing page to capture specific information about prospects that are in the research phase of their property sale.
This is the stage before the prospect contacts a real estate agent and locks them in to sell their property.
The real estate landing page will swap information the prospect is researching in exchange for their contact information (name & email).