Individual agent websites


An individual agent website is completely focused on you as an individual real estate agent for the purpose of growing your real estate business. It’s all about having a web based medium that you control so that you can attract, nurture and convert leads to listings.

The individual agent website is the place you start to build your personal brand and where you control the message and the content. 

It displays your services, your skills and experience, any gives you a publishing platform to share your knowledge and insights, in a valuable way, with your prospects.

Individual agent websites
5 reasons every real estate agent needs an individual agent website:
  • database development
  • lead capturing and nurturing
  • digital branding
  • customer experience
  • competitive advantage
What is the purpose of an individual agent website?

The individual agent website offers you your own direct link between you and your customers.
On all of your marketing materials you can channel your customers direct to your website.
These days, for a prospect or customer to get information about you, the customer has to traipse through your agency website, real estate portal or real estate rating site before coming in contact with your profile. There is so many distractions along the way and you can not control the experience or where the prospect will end up. The individual agent website offers you a direct link to your customers where you control the message and you own all the data you collect from them.