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On Dec 7, 2016 By Tim Hughes


The minimum time you should expect to build an engaged digital audience is 6-12 months. It takes time to build trust with...

Building a digital audience: the birth of new sales leads
On Nov 24, 2016 By Tim Hughes
Do you remember the last time you Googled a product or a service? What was your intent behind what you were searching for or researching? More than likely you were looking...
Why you shouldn’t display listings on your website
On Nov 16, 2016 By Tim Hughes

What is the role of Google?

The role of Google put simply is to find the best and most relevant content and order it from most relevant to least...
How knowing the role of Google helps you get more sales leads
On Nov 9, 2016 By Tim Hughes
There is still much confusion between social media, social media marketing and social media advertising. The thing they all have in common above the bleeding obvious is that they are...
Social media: A traffic source for listings