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On Oct 13, 2016 By Louise Hughes

Welcome to real estate agent website branding 101.

Applying solid and consistent branding to your agent website is one of the most important steps you can take towards attracting...
Great real estate website branding will put you ahead of the competition
On Oct 4, 2016 By Tim Hughes
You are probably wondering what all the fuss is about. You probably say, does it really matter what type of Facebook page I have as long as I have one....
Why you should use a Facebook business page rather than your personal page
On Sep 28, 2016 By Tim Hughes

Change management concepts in a real estate context

Are you having trouble persuading your Principal to go digital and move into the modern age? This topic is one that I hear about...
Persuading your principal to go digital
On Sep 22, 2016 By Louise Hughes
The fact that you’ve decided to start a blog puts your remarkably ahead of most of your real estate peers. A fact which never ceases to blow my mind. There...
Which platform do I choose for my real estate blog: versus